5 meters 300 LEDs white red green blue SMD 3528 LED strip

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Model: LR-3528-60

brand Taiwan LED chip, ultra bright

made in Shenzhen, reliable quality with 1 year warranty

direct from factory, good price

Happyttt is professional on LED light products, you can customize the LED light products. For any questions on product specifications, production time or shipping methods, please feel free to contact us: tangtingting1201@gmail.com

Model: LR-3528-60

LED type: SMD 3528

PCB color: yellow or white

size: L500xW0.8 (default) xT0.2cm

working voltage: 12V DC is default, 24V is available

protection rate: IP20 non-waterproof is default, IP65 waterproof, IP67, IP68 are available

light color: cool white, warm white (4~6LM), pure white (4~6LM, default color), red (400~500mcd), green (800~1000mcd), blue (200~250mcd), yellow (400~500mcd)

LED quantity: 18 LEDs per foot (60 LEDs per meter), 16.4 feet (5 meters length), total 300 LEDs

viewing angle: 120 degrees

working current: 2A, 1A on 24V

working temperature: -20 ~ 50 celsius

certification: CE, RoHS

drive mode: constant voltage

warranty: 1 year

SMD 3528 LED lamps mounted, high reliability

flexible to fit different occasions, every 3 or 6 LEDs can be cut apart

maintenace free, easy installation

long life span 50 000 hours

flexible ribbon for curving around bends

completely smooth and even light spread, solving the uneven luminous problem

super bright but running at low temperature

energy saving

cove or accent lighting

backlight or edge lighting for signage and channel letters

DIY lights for home use

path and contour marking

decorative light for holiday, event, show exhibition

automobile or bicycle decoration


IP20 non-waterproof SMD 3528 LED 60 LEDs per meter blue light strip



IP20 nonwaterproof SMD 3528 LED 60 LEDs per meter red light strip



IP20 non-waterproof SMD 3528 LED 60 LEDs per meter red light strip, total 5 meters 300 LEDs





IP20 nonwaterproof SMD 3528 LED 60 LEDs per meter light strip, pure white light ribbon



IP65 protection grade waterproof LED 3528 SMD light strip, there are 60 LEDs on per meter




beautiful flexible SMD 3528 LED light ribbons



IP65 outer silicone tube waterproof 3528 SMD LED blue light strip



IP65 dripping glue waterproof SMD 3528 LED light strip



IP65 dripping glue waterproof SMD 3528 LED pure white light strip



warm white light flexible SMD 3528 LED strip




IP65 outer silicone tube waterproof 3528 SMD LED yellow light strip, 60 LEDs per meter


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