50mm 24V waterproof B C D E F type SH1908 RGB 5050 LED point light

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Programmable digital SH1908 IC, with breakpoint transmission resume continuingly function, one fails will not affect other lights' working, excellent performance

this string has 20 module lights

DC 24V safe working voltage, IP68 waterproof protection rate

Reliable quality with 2 years warranty


1) Voltage: DC 24V

2) IC type: SH1908, SH1908 is compatible with UCS1903 protocol, with breakpoint transmission resume continuingly function, very advanced and flexible: when one IC broken down, the other IC also can continue to work without any influence, so SH1908 can greatly improve the lifespan of LED and guaranteed the quality

3) IC quantity: 1 piece per light, total 20 ICs

4) LED type: SMD 5050 RGB

5) LED quantity: 6 or 7 pieces per light, total 120 or 140 LEDs

6) Pixel: each module is one pixel, this point light string has 20 pixels

7) Max power: 1.44W or 1.68W/piece

8) Bit: 8

9) Greyscale: 256 levels

10) Diameter: 50mm, B type cover shape is default, C D E F type is optional, IP68 waterproof protection

12) Wire length: 120mm



1) Signal wire: DC+, DAT, GND

2) DC+ and GND connect to power supplier; DAT and GND connect to controller

3) Relative Controller: SPI controller support UCS1903; when use DMX decorder, can connect to DMX system

4) Support online control



1) Each pixel can be controlled individually

2) Can show any color

3) Can be used as flexible led display screen to show image and video


Installation Notice

1) Make sure the connection is correct according to the diagram

2) Pay attention to the parameters limit of voltage. DO NOT run over the peak value

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