EX8S LTech RF wireless RGBW Touch Panel(4 zones)

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Adopt 2.4GHz RF wireless transmission technology, which is applicable for license and patent free worldwide.

Advanced RF wireless sync/zone control technology, be able to realize dimming, synchronous dynamic changing color effect between receivers.

Within the effective range, any quantity of receivers can be connected in the same zone, dynamic and static effects keep synchronization between different groups.

Four zones can be combined arbitrarily, for example: Zone 1 and Zone 2 as a group, or zone 1, zone 3, zone 4 as a group, or all the 4 zones as a group.

Support DMX512 signal output, can work as DMX master controller to control DMX fixture.

Install touch panel at different areas, can control the same LED light, achieve multi-panel control, no quantity limited.

Touch keys with chord and LED indicator.

Saved the scene you like, touch 1 key to recall the scene, easy and convenient.

Adopts the capacitive touch control technology on the full color wheel, make the LED color selection more user-friendly. 

EX8S can work with the following controllers:

EX3S RGB Touch Panel

Input Voltage:: 100-240Vac

Output Signal: RF 2.4GHz, DMX512

Control mode: Synchronous control

Working Temp.: -30℃~55℃

Dimensions: L86×W86×H36(mm)

Package Size: L113×W112×H50(mm)

Weight(G.W.): 225g

F4-3A CV Receiver

Input Voltage: 5~24Vdc

Current Load: 3A × 4CH Max. 12A

Max Output Power: (0~15W...72W)×4CH Max. 288W

Working Temp.: -30℃~55℃

Dimensions: L125×W33×H20(mm)

Package Size: L127×W35×H24mm

Weight(G.W.): 60g

Wireless Signal: 2.4GHz

F4-5A CV Receiver

Input Voltage: 5~24Vdc

Current Load: 5A × 4CH Max. 20A

Max Output Power: (0~25W...120W)×4CH Max. 480W

Working Temp.: -30℃~55℃

Dimensions: L175×W44×H30(mm)

Package Size: L178×W48×H33mm

Weight(G.W.): 150g

Wireless Signal: 2.4GHz

F4-CC CC Receiver

Wireless Signal: 2.4GHz

Input Voltage: 12-48Vdc

Output Voltage: 3~46Vdc

Output Current: CC 350/700/1050mA×4CH

Output Power: (1.05W~48.3W)×4CH Max 193.2W

Working Temp.: -30℃~55℃

Dimensions: L175×W44×H30mm

Package Size: L178×W48×H33mm

Weight(G.W.): 165g


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