WF310 Artnet WiFi-DMX converter RGB LED controller

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RGfull colour control

1. Product constitution





WF310 controller

It is the core of product, is responsible for receiving control signal and sending DMX signal  



Include mobile software of iOS operating system and Android operating system


User manual

Detailed instructions of product using methods


USB data line

Using when connected with computer


DMX data line joint    

Using for connect DMX equipment


Power adapter



2. Product summarization

WF310 is another WiFi controller independently developed by our company, following our WF100, WF400, when using WF310, you do not need to switch wireless networks, it is more convenient for user go on internet, you can choose encryption network, also can choose open network. Coordinate with WiFi Manager network management software, WF310 network configuration is more convenient, can autonomously choose wireless network. Can choose our company autonomous developed mobile phone control software EasyDmx or widely used the Art - Net protocol software to use, make WF310 more strong on the function. Trough the use of WiFi technology, it provides more comfortable, safer and convenient intelligent lighting control than traditional lighting control, optimizes the lighting control methods, bring a new, comfortable lighting environment to users.


Technical Parameters 

1. Software technical parameters

1.1 Control software

1. Name: Easy Dmx

2. Runtime platform: Android system (iPhone, iPad), equipment must have WiFi function

3. Language: English

4. Category: communications 

5. Other: free, no plug-ins

1.2 Configuration software

1. Name: WifiManager

2. Runtime platform: Win 7/Windows Vista/Win2003/WinXP/Win2000

3. Language: English

4. Category: communications

5. Other: free, no plug-ins

2. Controller technical parameters

1. Working voltage: DC 12V

2. Working temperature: -20-60°C

3. Working power consumption: less than 2W

4. Output: DMX signal

5. Receiving sensitivity: 802.11b/g DSSS(-5dBm), 802.11b CCK (-10dBm), 802.11g OFDM(-15dBm)


Instruction for use

Correct use of controller mainly includes the following steps:

Step1: Recognize and identify the controller interfaces

Understand the function of each interface on the controller, basic usage and connect way. Refer to the  controller interface instructions.

Step 2: Configure the controller

Through WiFiManager, you can configure various parameters of the controller, including the name, location, 

network, protocol,IP address and so on, facilitate user to recognize and control. Refer to WiFiManager instructions.

Step 3: Install controller

Understand specific connect way of controller and installation requirements. Refer to hardware installation 

instructions of controller.

Step 4: Mobile phone control

Brief description control method of mobile phone. Refer to Easy Dmx instructions.



1. Please don't install controller in a seal off , high magnetic field or high pressure area;

2. In order to reduce the risk of fire disaster and device damage caused by short circuit , please make sure correct connection;.

3. Please do install controller in a well-ventilated area to insure appropriate temperature .

4. Installation position of controller should be as near as possible to the router so as to ensure controller normal working ;

5. Check out whether the supply voltage and power is in the range of controller required or not .

6. Before power on , please inspect the line is correct connection, and test it whether there is a short circuit ;

7. Any problem , please do not open the shell of controller . 

8. This manual is only applicable to this model of controller, if there is an update without notice. 

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